Our world renown logistics partners provide us with multiple options for each project to maximize the most effective routs and lowest cost, all in real time.


We have over 30 bonded warehouses within our network in China. This allows us to decrease lead times and store product at the convenience of our buyers, with minimal cost.


We have nearly 10 first class banks whom with we cooperate to ensure a flexible range of payment options when sourcing products from suppliers worldwide.


Sparkworks sourcing is one of the company’s strongest qualities. Our vast network of vendors combined with an experienced operation team guarantees reliability and safety, project after project.


All contracts and projects for sourced material are ensured to meet GB/T, GOST and/or ISO standards. It is our primary objective to maintain high quality standards for goods and service. Profit is important, but longevity reigns supreme.


Sparkworks extensive experience with non-ferrous and base metal trading has put us in an advantagious position to source material with swift and precise action, essencially benefiting all collaborators along the value chain.

Core Assets

Our collaborations are tailored to smooth the transition of goods and services for our partners and clients.

Reduce Lead-time

Mutual Focus

Flexible Terms

Optimize Operations

Reliable Networks

Industry Experience

Supply Chain

We manage a full range of integrated supply chain services and freight for any product.

Freight Fowarding



Dangerous Cargo

Quality Control

Bonded Warehousing

Financial Advantage

We offer flexible financial solutions, supported by some of the worlds largest financial institutions.

First-Class Banking

Low Interest (Usance) LCs

NRA and FTN Accounts

Flexible Settlement

LC Discount and Forfeit Service

NDF and EMR Rate Control

Global Sourcing

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