Automotive Product Class

Aside from vehicles, we provide spare parts for nearly 80% of cars produced by DFM both industrial and commercial. This service includes mechanic engineering after services and training.

Sparkworks is an authorized supplier of a variety of heavy-duty commercial cars and trucks from delivery vans and pickups to public service cars. Many of the vehicles can be custom modified during production meet requirements of government tenders.

Sparkworks’s industrial vehicle list includes container, cement and dump trucks, petrol tankers and even public service vehicles such as busses, cranes, and street sweepers.

Spare Parts and Vehicles

Sparworks is an authorized global distributor of specified Dongfeng Motors vehicles and spare parts. Our approved product list includes a variety of industrial trucks, chemical and petrol tankers and various types of heavy-duty commercial vehicles such as delivery vans and pickup trucks. We also supply a wide range of spare parts for many industrial and commercial vehicles. DFM is ranked as China’s 2nd largest vehicle manufacturer producing over 300 types of commercial and industrial vehicles individually and together with such companies such Citroen, Nissan, Handa, Volvo and many more.

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