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Sparworks has a highly diverse portfolio of industrial products and commodities. As far as energy in the last couple years, we have shifted our focus from fossil fuels such as fuel grade Petcoke to cleaner burning energy sources such as LNG. Through strategic partnerships, we consult on behalf of suppliers and buyers as an authorized agent to facilitate large-scale G2G purchases. Additional products, such as prilled urea and copper sulfate, are also familiar products for SWI. Our dedication to specification details, competitive pricing and performance have created a reputable platform in which our partners and collaborators all trust.

Spare Parts and Vehicles

Sparworks is an authorized global distributor of specified Dongfeng Motors vehicles and spare parts. Our approved product list includes a variety of industrial trucks, chemical and petrol tankers and various types of heavy-duty commercial vehicles such as delivery vans and pickup trucks. We also supply a wide range of spare parts for many industrial and commercial vehicles. DFM is ranked as China's 2nd largest vehicle manufacturer producing over 300 types of commercial and industrial vehicles individually and together with such companies such Citroen, Nissan, Handa, Volvo and many more.

Ingots and Billets (Primary/Secondary)

Our core ingot and billets sourcing department is dedicated to unalloyed primary and secondary (A7/8 standard) aluminum ingots, whereas billets are supplied for custom orders. Sparkworks ensures to meet ISO 115:2003, GB/T 1196-2008 and/or GOST 11070-74 on every order for both primary and secondary A7/8 specifications Al ingots. The exact standards for each project are chosen in accordance with the region of the supplier. Our current producers and trading partners are strategically located around the world to secure a strong, rapid and efficient supply chain for our clients. Our main suppliers are located in Russia, The U.A.E., and Indonesia with strong trading partners in The United States and Venezuela.

3/8mm Copper Wire Rods (GB/T 3952-2008)

All our (electronic) copper drawing stock is guaranteed to meet GB/T 3952-2008 standards. With a huge domestic demand in China, there are limited suppliers that are licensed and familiar with the copper wire rod international market. We have worked diligently to develop and vet an international vendor list that can handle export according to standard shipping and packaging procedures.

Copper Cathode

Sparkworks has a vast list of copper cathode suppliers. Our suppliers are not trading companies, they are the producers of Grade A LME standard Cu Cathode. We have the ability to easily source and reserve allocation of both brand and non-brand Grade A cathode. Our Suppliers are mainly based in China, Mongolia and in Chile. Our ability to source directly from smelters ensures our price is among the most competitive on the market with reliability and consistency.


Sparkworks has collaborated with some of the largest smelters on the earth such as Daye Non-ferrous, Tong Ling Non-Ferrous, Northern Copper, China Gold and other strategic trading partners to source various types of base metal concentrates. Our products range from clean concentrates to slag, off-grade and sulfide concentrate. SWI has also had success in sourcing other rare metals and minerals such as tin, tungsten, tantalite, bauxite (monohydrate), and molybdenum. We have a deep-rooted history in concentrate trading spanning decades for some of our senior executives. Because of this Sparkworks possesses a rare advantage in an industry that some would consider to be the lifeblood of the commodity trading industry.