We are at a precipice like no other in the history of mankind. Technology has transform almost every industry, product and service that exist. Yet, so many companies operate with outdated and nonproductive business models.

Simply put, our business is to implement new technology and innovative business strategies to an industry that spans time since the beginning of civilization; commodity trading. Our focus is to interconnect viable networks with immediate access to information, and most importantly, resources from every sector in the supply chain. Our versatility and effectiveness consists of our core strength in supply chain operations. We do this by analyzing vast proprietary market data to leverage available resources and the ability to efficiently manage each project with transparency and reliability.

" Our target is to distribute resources for infrastructure development that would alleviate the struggle for 2.6 billion people that face difficulties accessing electricity and water in developing countries. "

— Marcos Molina, General Manager

Trading is the backbone of SWI. Our successful performance is attributed to superior coordination of our supply chain with operation experts that have extensive experienced trading the specified products within their portfolio.

Industrial commodity trading is a vast and broad industry. It requires a substantial amount of finesse to assure that all risk is minimized and that every shipment, from each project, is delivered in accordance with international standards and managed by individuals well versed with standard industry practices. Essentially, this means that the entire process requires a diverse, highly-qualified operation team. Sparkworks is honored and proud to say that we have gathered some of the greatest talent in the industry to build and manage a remarkable trading platform.

Department Resource Distribution:

Trading Dept.

Supply Chain


With an innovative approach, Sparkworks transforms the commodity trading industry. We are a strategic infrastructure commodity sourcing platform, dedicated to providing solutions for strategic resource allocation.

Sparkworks has partnered with industry leaders and strategic organization, whom together form a trading paltform like no other. It is our honor to cooperate with partners that can nurture a synergetic business environment and positively influence the flow of goods on a global scale.

Our advisory board consists of 16 experts from 20 leading global trading companies, smelters, miners and finantial institutions. Together they play a crucial role in assisting us in vetting solutions to ensure that our transactions and projects operate smoothly. Sparkworks’ advanced, and often unmatched, capabilites are due to a well balanced consortium of influential industry specialists cooperating to tailor fit the needs of each project. Additionally, via specific partners, SWI is is able to allocate some of the worlds most sensitive commodities such as LNG, crude oil, and petroleum coke.

" Know what you own, and know why you own it. "

— Peter Lynch

Trade operations consist of the highest proportion of annual allocation, whereas supply chain requires much less of the average investment budget. Contractual QPs constitute the bulk of our hedging system allowing us to minimize market exposure to futures hedging at just 30% of available funding.

Annual Average Finance Allocation:

Trade Operations
Hedged Positions (Futures)
Supply Chain Services

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" In the new world, it is not the big fish which eats the small fish, it's the fast fish which eats the slow fish. "

— Klaus Schwab, Founder and Chaiman of the World Economic Forum

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